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CLEAN GREEN MOTHERBOARDS (no batteries, no Aluminum, with CPU and Memory) $2.00
Finger Boards  CLEAN $3.00
High Grade Gold Capped Chip Board (must have gold capped chips)  $5.00
Gold Fingered Cards - CLEAN $3.00
High Grade Chip Board No Gold, Gold Fingered UNCLEAN $2.00
High Chips - 3/4 Boards $1.25
Back Plane Expansion Board , Peripheral Board with Fingers $0.75
VGA Fingered Cards with weights $0.50
1/2 Chips and 1/2 resistors, Power Supply Boards, Trimmed Finger Cards $0.25
Clean Cell Phone Board $9.00
CD/DVD Rom Drive Board $3.00
Gold Tip Connector Ends (Click to see examples) $0.25
Gold ONLY Fingered Memory RAM $8 - $14
Fingerless (trimmed) Memory RAM or Slot Processors $2.00
RAMBUS (metal cover) RAM  or Silver/Tin Memory $5.00
Slot Processors $8.00
Hard Drive Logic Boards $5.00
IC Chips $2.75
Clean Gold Fingers (Click to see description) $20.00

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