California State approved Universal Waste Processor (CEW ID#101322). Our methods are in strict compliance with CA EPA (#CAR000291963) and DTSC guidelines pursuant to x66273.83. We are also a certified PV Solar Staging Center. It is R2, ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Certified. We only process breakage at R2 certified facilities. We make every attempt to place working items into homes and organizations that might benefit from their use. Our Curbside E-Waste Pickup Program raises funds for several Bay area Non-Profit groups. We Collect, We Process, We Re-Use, We Recycle.

E-WASTE (Electronic Waste)








Save money by dropping off your items yourself. We are a full service warehouse with Docks, Pallet jacks, Forklifts and Labor to assist you. Certificates are issues for all loads. 



We offer a Regular and a White Glove E-Waste Pickup and Processing service. 



We recycle all types of Solar Panels. Any Condition. Any Quantity. Please see "Pricing and Fees" for details



 We recycle all types of Batteries. Any Condition. Any Quantity. Please see "Pricing and Fees" for details 

LAMPS ( bulbs, tubelights etc)


We recycle all types of Bulbs. Any Condition. Any Quantity. Please see "Pricing and Fees" for details 


Wrap, Gaylords and Pallets

Wrap, Gaylords, Orange Bins and Pallets



Consignment Sales - We do all the work. You get 50% of net profits.

Wholesale (500lbs+) - We buy Servers, PC, Laptops, Harddrives, Power Supplies and much more.



  • Hard Drive/ Cell Phone Destruction Shredding 
  • Fundraising Events for Schools, Non Profits, Realtors, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club etc
  • Block Advertising and Door-step Pickup for the Whole City QUARTERLY
  • Work with Public Works and pick up Illegal e-waste discards
  • Negotiated Orange Bin Service
  • FREE E-Waste Event Hosting
  • POD SB-20 Service with a central location in your City/County



Flat Fee $250 covers 

4 hours of Event Time

2 Men and a 15' Truck with Lift-Gate

All the Certified* E-Waste that comes in.

Additional Charges: (This can be paid directly to us by your tenants via check or Credit Card)

$0.25/lb for any Non-Certified** E-Waste

$2/lb for batteries

$4/lb for light bulbs

*CERTIFIED E-waste  (Precious Material Recovery) - Medical Device * Test Equipment * Amplifier * TV&Monitor * Laptop * Tablet * Ipad * Chromebook * Macbook * Computer * Server * Networking Gear * Game Console * PC internal Parts * Business Phone * Cable-box * Credit Card Terminal * Smartphone * Cell phone * Wire * Cable *Adaptor * Memory * Hard Drive * UPS * Virgin toner * Xray/B&W Film * Green Board * Power Supply * Projector                                                           

**NON-CERTIFIED E-waste BREAKAGE  - VCRS, DVD, Household devices, AV equipment, Mice, Keyboards, Fans, Heaters, Metal, Tools, Printers, scanners, purifiers, plastic speakers, toys



 It was the summer of 1988. I was helping my Uncle move into his new home in San Ramon. My Uncle had a 1500lbs monster Mid-Range Computer. I used to dream about putting my BS degree from San Jose State (Class of 1992) to good use and making all sorts of stuff with that device once I graduated. I was mortified when during the move, he dumped the whole unit in the local landfill. Is that what's going to happen to the millions of computers that the public was buying like candy as they welcomed the Digital Age??? Noooooo. There had to be a better solution. In 1997 I was running a startup called Printers R Us when I was offered a buyout deal. I was 28 years of age and Financially Free, I began to think of what to do with the rest of my life. Mr. Arnold the new California Governor was promoting recycling and I said, that's it! I am going to rescue computers that are no longer needed. I launched in my garage. I then moved it to the Public Storage facility on Alvarado-Niles Road. We then moved to a 1000 sq ft place on Western Ave, then 2500 sq ft on Pacific Ave, then 6000 sq ft on Western Ave and now 3 Centers - Union City 13,000 sq feet, Hayward 80,000 sq ft and Milpitas 3000 sq ft. We divert almost 2 Million pounds of e-waste from the Landfill every month.  I also decided to hire people that needed a 2nd chance. All our employees were students, who society had deemed as "rejects", they just needed somebody to believe in them. We worked with the City of Union City and hired a lot of kids from Union City gangs and then sent them on their way after teaching them basic warehousing skills. We hired Veterans for our management positions. Our drivers were all Drug Rehab folks from a company called CURA in Fremont. Today we work very closely with Alameda County SSA. I used to go to Home Depot and felt real bad for the 25-50 men who would run after my car for a day job. I decided to do something about it. I started a class where I would teach them how to make fliers and start their own small recycling pickup business. I would then pay them for the e-waste they brought me. Today over 77 families have their own business and they do not need to run after every truck that pulls into the Home Depot parking lot. I have 4 boys. I pray that God give me the wisdom to make good decisions, so I can set the right example for them. United States is an amazing country. Lets keep it amazing by doing our part and recycling our electronics responsibly.   


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